What the Dark World of Internet Holds for Your Child

Gone are the days when teenagers and kids could roam freely on the streets with the fear of getting abducted or use internet while successfully avoiding scammers. Today, there are very few communities left where children can walk freely, and the condition is even more hopeless in the online world. According to a report published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, 26 percent of cyber sex offenders use social media websites to know the whereabouts of teens.

Teenagers do not have the experience required to deal with different people who may not be very honest and keep an intention to harm them. In such conditions, parents are required to take necessary measures and use robust and effective cell phone and iPhone spy applications in order to keep their children safe and happy.

Parents should know dangers that the online world poses to their teens and install efficient and effective shields to protect their kids. A survey conducted by McAfee identified 3 potential dangers of inappropriate use of the internet. We are listing them to help you monitor your kid’s activities more efficiently.

1.     Danger to Physical Wellbeing

Ensuring the physical wellbeing of children is a desire of every parent. Unfortunately, the online scammers have made it difficult for parents to safeguard their children. According to the McAfee survey, 7 percent teens have gone through an experience at least once in their lifetime that endangered their safety and 12 of teens have met some they only knew online.

These statistics prove that there is real danger for teens on the internet, but there are safeguarding mechanisms present that can help parents in ensuring the safety of their children. Using GPS-enabled mobile tracking and spying applications can provide valuable information to parents over the whereabouts of their children.

2.     Access to Explicit Material

36 percent of teenagers who participated in the survey responded that they have accessed sexual topics online and 32 percent of participants confessed watching nude content or pornography online.

Research studies show that watching pornographic content online can cause physical harm, including brain shrinkage. With iPhone spy software, parents can monitor and limit the online content their kid’s access from their cell phones. Auto Forward mobile monitoring application particularly offers greater benefits such as access to multimedia files, browser history, real-time camera viewing, etc.

3.     Social Media Bullying

Using technology and social media websites to bully teenagers and kids is a problem that’s on rise. The survey results showed that more than 60 percent of all teens have witnessed cyber bullying and 23.3 percent have become a target of cyber bullying at least once.


Online bullying not only causes mental stress, it can also grow to become real life problems. Therefore, cell phone and iPhone spy software has become a necessity for parents today. It tracks and records text messages and social media updates, and lets parents know of the potential dangers to the safety of their teen aged kids.

In order to protect teens from cyber bullying and other dangers of the online world, parents should take appropriate measures to monitor and block anything that could pose a threat to their children. Auto Forward mobile monitoring software is a great tool to monitor online activities of your kids.