Getting Fit in the Digital Age: Training with Technology


technologyThere is no shortage of fitness apps, smart wearables and portable technology to help you stay in peak physical shape. There are so many options, no matter what your fitness goals may be. You may want to shed pounds, add muscle or just stay hydrated for those intense gym sessions. Use these tech tools to your advantage and get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness and Health Apps
There are so many proven apps to help with weight loss, diet and fitness tracking. Often, using these in conjunction with each other can result in serious improvement of your overall health.

  1. C25K – This app is excellent for the couch potato seeking to get in shape fast! C25K actually stands for Couch to 5K and promises to turn even the most novice runners into 5k runners. Listen to your favorite music and wait for the run, walk or cool down cues.
  2. LoseIt! – This diet tracker is great for anyone who wants to monitor their caloric intake down to the last gram. Many of your favorite foods are already programmed into the app, making the addition of your daily meals and snacks easy. You can also scan the barcode on your favorite foods to import it’s nutritional information.
  3. Hydro Coach – Use this app to calculate your daily water needs and to provide you with reminders when it’s time to drink up.

Fitness Wearables
There are so many options to help you stay on track while working out. Devices like Fitbit monitor your calories burned while devices like Garmin’s Vivofit monitor your heart rate. Almost all of these devices include distance tracking – some even with GPS. You can even find devices that look like jewelry, making them an excellent choice to wear all day and night.

Smart Scales
Monitor your weight loss and BMI with the help of a smart scale. Find a scale that syncs with your smartphone and offers tracking of body fat, water weight and muscle mass. Many of these scales you can set up for multiple users, making body weight tracking easy for your household.

  1. Blue Anatomy Smart Scale – This smart scale keeps track of all key data to help you lose or gain weight in the right areas. It tracks water weight, body fat and more. It also syncs to your smartphone. Use the information from your scale to input into other fitness apps to help you meet your goals.
  2. BlueBerry Bluetooth Scale – This smart scale pairs with your iPhone or Android device to deliver all of the necessary body weight information to the palm of your hand. These scales come in black and white and match any bathroom interior.

Meeting your fitness goals has never been easier. It almost makes the necessity of a personal trainer obsolete. Remember to consult your physician before starting any new exercise program – and always heed any warnings on health devices you use or wear.

So what are your favorite fitness apps and wearables? Have you seen amazing results with any of these?